Where is the Abose Plastic Manufacturing unit located?

Abose Plastic manufacturing unit is located in the Kanpur District of Uttar Pradesh where all plastic houseware manufacturing is done.

How Plastic Mug Manufacturing is done?

There are several plastic mug manufacturers located in India and the process behind it is majorly the same where all the plastic granules are melted, then transferred to the mold, and further it is left for cooling & get packed for the customers.

Who are the best Plastic tiffin box manufacturers?

There is no doubt Abose Plastic is the best plastic tiffin box manufacturer as we have a unique design concept, the best machinery & use top-notch quality raw materials for production.

Which is the best Compass box for Students school students?

We take pride in being called a reliable plastic compass box manufacturer as we manufacture a wide range of plastic compass boxes that are shockproof & unbreakable.

Why did one use plastic soap cases in 2023? 

As an organization, we understand that in this modern era, most of youngsters use liquid soap to rinse or to bath, but as a plastic soap case manufacturer we want you to get aware of the fact that there is a huge population in India who still uses soaps.